Satta Matka Live Result 2022 : Check Winning Numbers for Satta King Games

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Satta King Today Live Results: The winner of Satta Matka will receive Rs 1 crore Examine the outcomes for Disawar Satta King ,Faridabad Satta King ,Ghaziabad Satta King ,Gali Satta King and other cities.

Satta Live Result 2022,shri ganesh satta king

Satta Live Result  January 2023 Live : Updates
Satta King, sometimes known as Satka Matka, is a lottery game that is played in various regions of the country both online and offline. The game has recently grown in popularity across the country

It is usually played online nowadays in the digital realm via many websites. The game, also known as Satta Matka, dates back before Indian independence. Not only that, but there are several Apps on the Playstore that can be used to play the game. Those who like to play offline games can do so by going to a shop near them and placing their bets and seeing the outcomes.

The results of the Rs 1 crore Satka King games for Wednesday, January 1 have been released. The day began with Gali’s lucky number, which was announced at 12:02 a.m. And the individual with the fortunate number 76 is the Galli draw winner. The fortunate number for Disawar, whose result was announced at 5 a.m., is 38.

The bonus number for January 4 is:


Street  ( result declared at 12:02 ) 76
Disaster   38
Ranchi    39
VIP Haryana Result at  2:15 pm
Faridabad Gold Result at  3 PM
Old Delhi Result at  3:45 pm
Old Allahabad Result at  4 pm
Super Delhi   Result at    5 pm
UP   Result at    5 pm 
Faridabad Result at  6:15 pm
Delhi State Result at  7 PM
South Delhi Result at  7:30 pm
Ghaziabad Result at  8 pm
Gali Result at  11:15 pm

Although gambling is prohibited in India, online Satta Matka is permitted. Many people take part in order to try their luck. In India, several lottery and horse racing games are also permitted. The game is played between two or more players and includes guessing numbers to win a prize.

There are many other sorts of games accessible on numerous websites, but four of the most popular are: Disawar Satta King, Ghaziabad Satta King, Gali Satta King, and Faridabad Satta King. The game’s results begin at midnight, with Gali’s results arriving at 12:02 a.m. It is followed by the Disawar and 5 am results, and SS Gold at 1:10 pm.


Step 1: Place your wager by going to the official website of the lottery where you wish to invest.

Step 2: You will encounter several numbers written on slips.

Step 3: Select one fortunate number from 00 to 99.

Step 4: The organiser will select one random number and announce the outcome.

Step 5: If you are the lucky one, you will be rewarded with the title of Satta King as well as money. ,satta king ghaziabad 2022 ,satta king ghaziabad 2022 ,shri ganesh satta king ,shri ganesh satta king ,shri ganesh satta king ,satta king ghaziabad 2022
Satta King Game Types ?

Let us tell you that there are many other types of games available on many websites, out of which the four most popular games are:

1. Gali Satta King
2. Faridabad Satta King
3. Disawar Satta King
4. Ghaziabad Satta King

How To Check satta King Result Online?

There are several Satta King websites where you may play the game. You can choose one and deposit your wager. You may later verify the results for a certain game by visiting the lottery’s official website. ,सट्टा किंग ,सट्टा किंग ,सट्टा किंग ,सट्टा किंग ,सट्टा किंग

How do I get the Satta King Rewards ?

1. Go to the internet page where you put your wager
2. Click on the link for Today’s Satta Results 
3. Check the outcome
4. If the result matches your number, you win
5. Enter your bank information to receive the winnings in your bank account.

Satta Live Result 2022 ,Satta Live Result 2022 ,Satta Live Result 2022

Key Satta King Terms to Remember !

Matka: Matka is a word derived from an earthen pot. Such utensils were once used to draw numbers. ,kalyan chart ,satta kalyan chart,kalyan ,satta king chart 2022 ,satta king chart 2022 ,satta king chart 2022
Single: Any digit from 0 to 9. satta king 786,satta king 786,satta king 786 ,satta kalyan chart

Pair-Pair: Any two-digit number between 00 and 99.

Patti-Panna: The result of three digits is Patti/Panna.

OPEN RESULT – CLOSE RESULT: Betting results are broken into two sections. The first section is known as the open result, and the second as the close result.

Sp-Dp-Tp: SP stands for Single Patti, for example, 123, DP stands for Double Patti, for example, 112, and TP stands for Triple Patti, for example, 111.

CYCLE PATTI: The cycle patti, or cp, is the last two digits of the patti.

FARAK: The Farak is the number of differences between the close and open results (for example, if the jodi/pair is 57, 7-5, the farak is 2; another: 73 is 13-7 – 6).

BERIJ: The Berij is the last digit of the total of jodi-pair. (For example, if the pair is 76, berij is 7+6 = 13; the last digit is 3; this means berij is 3)

सट्टे की ट्रिक कैसे निकालें?

उदाहरण के लिए आप – (6+5+4) को जोड़ें उत्तर =15 आता है. लेकिन इस खेल की शर्त के अनुसार आपको उत्तर का आखरी अंक ही उपयोग करना होता है. जैसे- 5 अब इस खेल में आपका प्रथम ड्रा होगा (6,5,4*5). इसी प्रकार दूसरी संख्याओं का दूसरा समूह भी तैयार किया जाता है.

जुआ खेलने से पहले क्या करना चाहिए?

उदाहरण के लिए आप – (6+5+4) को जोड़ें उत्तर =15 आता है. लेकिन इस खेल की शर्त के अनुसार आपको उत्तर का आखरी अंक ही उपयोग करना होता है. जैसे- 5 अब इस खेल में आपका प्रथम ड्रा होगा (6,5,4*5). इसी प्रकार दूसरी संख्याओं का दूसरा समूह भी तैयार किया जाता है.

सट्टा नंबर फार्मूला कैसे प्राप्त करें ?

जुआ जीतने का मंत्र लाजवंती का प्रयोग jua jitne ka mantra

लाजवंती के टोटके की मदद से भी आप जुआ के अंदर जीत हाशिल कर सकते हैं। लाजवंती एक प्रकार का पौधा होता है जोकि घरों के अंदर उगाया जाता है। यदि आपके यहां पर लाजवंती का पौधा है तो आप यह प्रयोग कर सकते हैं। बहुत ही सरल तरीका है।

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