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pandit jawaharlal nehru information in marathi in Englesh pandit jawaharlal nehru speechJawaharlal was born on 14 November 1889 at Meedhe Jhala in Allahabad. That is, in the beginning, you took the teacher’s special teacher. At the age of fifteen, he moved to England and joined the school of Rahilyantar Tyanti for two years. OR Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences. 1912 Madhya Bharat Paralatantra Tyagi straight politician Udi. San dashes into Prashanti, Parker Jump Rajwani, freedom fighter abroad, Taina Rui. There was a particular desire to get rid of the fancy trick scene in the heart of Ireland. World freedom fighter Honnavachun and India co-new.

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Isla Gamble in mid-1912. In 1919 Alchis became the home rule of Allahabad. 1916 Paritbhat ran away from the middle and got scared. In 1920, he became the first farmer in the Pratapgarh district of central Uttar Pradesh. The leaders of the Non-Cooperation Movement were sent to jail twice during 1920-22.

September 1923 Became the secretary of the Central Indian Congress Committee. 1926 Vittini Italy, Switzerland, England, Medallion, Germany, and Racha Tour Banana. Belgian Made Bra Sales Yathal Garib Deshchaya Sammelan The Indian National Congress Ammapanidhi Dhil. 1927 मध्य मध्य में ये पंची संचरी शब्द्यावर्धा पीन सोह्यालहीते विद्याले। Before 1926, in the middle of the independence of the Congress, the Congress was committed to the goal, then the hell of Vydhanachi. In the middle of 1928, amid the Lucknow Meade Simon Commission’s detention, a Mirvanu president started a lathi charge on him. On August 29, 1928, he attended the Sarvasva Parishad and his Vidilal Air Aanchaya Nannevar Kartan Alya Indian Program Reforms and Ahvala signed the Karanrimpai Te. In the same year, Sarchitani Asli Jha India was the main objective of setting up the global reform “Indian Freedom Molecular” set.

1929 Madhyaman Pandit Yichi was elected President of the Lahore Session of the National Indian Congress. Whose main objective is to give complete independence to the country haha. During 1930–35, the Meetha Satyagraha and other Congress skirmishes landed him in jail for several years. 14 February 1935 Rosi Alara Tujurinat Tyanamoni: “Autobiography” completed. Sutka Jhalyantar will go to Switzerland to see her beauty. February-March 1936 Medieval Lendanch Tour Banana. Julala 1938 Middleway Tyanti Yatra Banana Phir Tinami Yaddha Suru Hota. He went to China.

Kalyankhadat Divya Satyagraha Thanna Jhali on 31st Auber 1940 to participate in Libya Bharatwar Yaddat pressure. Other leaders were released in mid-December 1941. 7 August 1942 Pinky Pandit i.e. Mumbai All India Congress Committee meeting “Quit India” resolution Sodala. On 8 August 1942, Karzi along with other leaders reached Tainhi et Jhali and Ahmednagar Kilya before his departure. in the last cell. Eku 9 and Tujurivasa Ghadla. Goward 1945 Madhya Sutka After Desh Drauhacha Suraksha March 1946 Madhya Madhya South-East Take a good trip. Maheu was elected as the President of the Loji Chaturdanda Congress on July 6, 1946, and from 1951 to 1954, Mahnu was elected as the President for three terms. pandit jawaharlal nehru information in marathi



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