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In today’s topic, we gonna discuss about Corona Virus. What is Corona Virus? How to prevent Corona Virus? Facts and Fake news related to Corona Virus, etc.

It’s our responsibility to spread awareness about the Ongoing Outbreak of Corona. We should pay attention and take all preventive measures to avoid Infection. To achieve personal as well as safety of everyone, its necessary that we follow the authentic guideline provided by Health Officials and always confirm news before believing or spreading the news about it.

Check the latest update about Corona Virus on Official W.H.O. Website :

Check the latest report on the total count of CORONA VIRUS here :
Any information you came across online and want it verified? Send the details on Whatsapp at 9643651818, or e-mail it to Quint at [email protected] and They ‘ll fact-check it for you.

Stay Positive and take good care with all precaution. Spread the message with everyone.

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Stay Safe and take care

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