The scenarios of Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha is the upper house of parliament in  India. the Rajya sabha has a maximum membership of 245, of which 233 are elected by the legislature of the states and the union territories using single transferable, presidents can appoint 12 members for the contribution to art, science, and social service. Member of Rajya sabha sits together for staggered terms lasting to sic years, but almost third off 233 designates up for the election every two years. There are several Rajya sabha seats go to an election this year. Since the Rajya Sabha members state wise are elected by the member state legislative assemblies, the total seats of Rajya Sabha are 61 seats in April and July. Uttar Pradesh has  10 seat and 1 for Uttarakhand.

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In the assembly election, we can work for two scenarios to estimate the composition of Rajya sabha in 2012. The Rajya sabha members state wise is elected through the system of (stv) and which is stands for Single Transferable vote. In this election st required to achieve the minimum number of votes to be elected.  In the case of Uttar Pradesh, 10 seats of Rajya sabha were gone to the election this year. The candidate will be elected by the those10 seats by the 403 elected MLAs of the Uttar Pradesh. Each MLA will be ranked based on their preference. After the elimination, candidates who can collect 37  votes will declare elected.  This new election the Samajwadi Party has the total number of 224 members in their side.

BJP with the seat of 47 MLAs can behave one candidate who elected to the Rajya sabha. The number of seats can depend on the alliance with the other party in UP which has the 37 or more seat in the assembly. On the other hand, if congress has 28 seats and the other party joins them 9 seats then they may elect a candidate of their choice. We have come up with the two scenarios which give the range of seats of the parties. This real result will fall on these twp scenarios, and the whole thing depends on the alliance for the election. Scenario one is based on the assumption that the UPA is not able to submit the supports. So the seats get allocated from the other parties for Rajya sabha members state wise.

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